Válvula de accionamiento eléctrico

Válvula de accionamiento eléctrico

Electric Actuator Valve refers to the machinery that uses electric energy as the main energy source to drive the valve. Generally, it needs to have certain explosion-proof and protection level (waterproof, dustproof) requirements.


  • Valve Options: Electric actuator ball valve , Electric actuator butterfly valve, Electric flange ball valve, Electric gate valve and Electric globe valve,Electric PVC ball valve,Electric PVC butterfly valve
  • Electric Actuator Options: On/off model , 4~20ma input output Signal Modulating model, Intelligent model , Multi-turn model, Explosion proof model ,Waterproof model, Power off model , Fail return model etc.
  • Valve Types: Ball valves,Butterfly valves, High performance valves, Gate valves, Globe valves,2psc ball valve,3psc ball balve,Two way ball valve,Three way ball valve ect..
  • Valve Body Material: Stainless steel,Cast steel,Ductile cast iron,PVC,UPVC
  • Applicable Medium: Water,Gas, Oil, Acid, Alkali, etc 
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